God Save The Butch Queen


The Butch Queen store started as a hobby sprung from a love of graphic design, pop culture, and a passion for LGBTQ rights. I’ve developed TheButchQueen.com over the past several years and have loved every minute of it! I’ve had great feedback about my graphic t-shirts, including a few interesting requests. Ha! Hope you’ll take the time to bookmark my store and forward to a friend who may also enjoy unique Tshirts.  I’m an independent graphic artist and so you won’t find my designs on many others. Check back occasionally as I’m always adding new designs. 

“Customize It”: Each image is completely customizable. Some graphics may vary in size according to shirt choice, so use the “Customize It” feature to shrink, enlarge, or move any image around on any shirt to fit to your liking. The “Customize It” feature also allows you to add text to most shirts, so feel free to add a name or a phrase for a more personal touch.  All designs can be printed on several different colors and kinds of shirts, long, short, and hoody.

“Sizing”: If you’re unsure about size my suggestion is to order 1 size up. The “Standard” American Apparel shirt is a favorite for the guys, while the Bella shirt is a favorite for the ladies. The type of shirt dictates price, so if you see a design you like on a more expensive shirt, then look for an alternate style shirt on the product page.

“Returns”: Zazzle has a great return policy, so if for any reason you’re unhappy with your purchase contact Zazzle to coordinate an exchange or refund.                                            http://www.zazzle.com/returns


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